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Hadiya Pendleton’s Murder Suspects Held Without Bail

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Two men, Michael Ward, 18, and Kenneth Williams, 28, have been charged in the ‘high profile murder case’ of Hadiya Pendleton. The 15-year-old, who was a majorette and honor student at King College Prep High School, was killed on Jan. 29, in Vivian Gordon Harsh Park, Chicago a few days succeeding her performance at President Obama’s Inauguration in Washington.

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Officials report that Ward confessed to the shooting, which he claimed was a gang-related retaliation. Pendleton and her friends were mistaken targets. 18 year-old Eagle Scout, Lawrence Sellers who was a friend of the deceased, was also shot in the lower leg when the shooting erupted.

On Monday, Ward and Williams were charged with one count of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, and two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm. On Tuesday, the court ordered both men be held without bail. According to prosecutors, Ward was the alleged shooter, and Williams was the getaway driver. Though the Pendleton family is relieved and comforted by the arrests, the city’s growing problem with gun violence is being widely publicized.

Ward’s Ward’s attorney, Jeffrey Granich, proclaims that his client was railroaded because of the high-profile homicide. In a statement issued to reporters, Granish states,

 the problem when criminal cases get made into political cases is rules are bent…we do not call people murderers or convict people before a trial has begun, before any evidence has been brought to court.

Williams’ attorney, Matthew McQuaid, also stated that his client asserts non-involvement with the shooting.

Prosecutors contest that they have phone records placing Williams near the crime scene on the day of the shooting.


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  • Salomon says:

    And this is a good example of why coaroprtions and organizations want their ALEC’s to work their pals in the legislative branches in the states to pass tort reform laws, and other way of limiting damages if I were a member of the Martin family, I’d be suing the living sh*t out of the state of Florida, the NRA, and the Sanford PD, for every penny I could get.If the NRA and the gun makers are as irresponsible as they are, attempting to arm every yahoo in the nation, regardless of mental ability and stability, and the government in a state (or the nation) is equally as irresponsible, the only way to get back some measure of control, is to hit them in the only spot they all really care about their pockets.Florida didn’t need the Stand Your Ground Law. The ability to defend you, yours, and your property, from a person(s) attacking, is what the Self-defense part of law is all about.What FL did, was codify a Wild West mentality, where anybody, anywhere, who feels the least bit scared or threatened, can pull out a gun and fire. And when firing shoot to kill, so there’s no witness to give their POV.One last question why isn’t it the National Gun Association, instead of the National Rifle association?A rifle is a pretty obvious weapon as opposed to a handgun. If the NRA stuck to the mission of allowing hunters and homeowners to have rifles to hunt and defend themselves, maybe we wouldn’t be the armed madhouse we are today, where every idjit can buy a handgun even if they have the mental capacity of a cabbage.

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