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In Case You Missed It: Lessons From The Iraq War And “The Dreamers & Doers Series” Featuring Nicole Clark

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On Sunday, March 24

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Lessons Of War:

Was The Iraq War Worth It?

Army patrol in Karadah, Iraq, 2008 | U.S. Army / Flickr

In 2003, President George Bush used fear, propaganda and a false claim that Iraq was harboring weapons of mass destruction in order to galvanize Americans into supporting the invasion into Iraq.  After 10 years of war,  4500 US service members have died, the government has spent over $2 trillion, more than 130,000 Iraqi civilians were killed and millions of Iraqis were displaced or forced to flee their country. We took a look back into how and why the war was started and the affects it has left in the U.S. and Iraq, featuring:
Laura J. Raymond, from the Center for Constitutional Rights
Yifat Susskind, the Executive Director of MADRE
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LYVBH Presents “The Dreamers & Doers” Series Featuring:

Women’s Right Activist Nicole Clark

Nicole Clark

LYVBH’s “Dreamers & Doers” series spotlights inspirational young people who are using their talents and influence to better their community and the world around them.  On this episode, we’ll speak to Nicole Clark, a women’s right activist from the  The New York Coalition for Reproductive Justice who is spearheading a fight to stop shaming teen mothers in NYC through the #NoStigmaNoShame campaign.

 Listen Here:


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