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“Vampire” Graveyard Discovered in Poland

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Thanks to Edward Cullen and Bill Compton, vampires are no longer being buried in graveyards similar to the one recently discovered in Poland.

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Researchers have unearthed the bodies of 4 suspected vampires in a Polish graveyard. Despite their current popularity, the manner in which the supposed vampires were buried confirms that people once feared their blood sucking habit. According to Polish English Radio:

All four bodies had been beheaded and then buried with their heads between their legs in an attempt to prevent the skeletons from rising from the dead

Discovered in the southern town of Gliwice, Poland, researchers suspect that the bodies found in this graveyard were buried in the 16th century.

Prior excavations have unearthed over 100 suspected vampire burial sites all over the eastern European country of Bulgaria, including a high profile discovery in 2012. Near the city of Sozopol, Bulgaria:

Archaeologists discovered a pair of 700-year-old remains that had been stabbed through the heart with iron rods — a Bulgarian burial customary for suspected vampires in the 14th century.

That certainly isn’t how any of the “Twilight” movies end.



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