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What You Need To Known About Obamacare

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As some of the latest features in Obamacare approach it is becoming alarmingly clear that most people still don’t know what will, and will not happen under the new Health Care law. In an effort to help clear up some of the confusion, with the help of Politifact, we have compiled a small list containing things that you may need to know about the law as well as dispelling myths.Enjoy:


1. Obamacare is a Socialist Law That has never worked:

Actually that’s false, Obamacare or as it’s called in legislation; The Affordable Care Act, is actually a bill that was originally suggested in the mid 90’s when the Clinton Administration tried to pass a health care law. It was seen as the Republican solution to Health care at the time. It was also the bill that Mitt Romney passed in the state of Massachusetts when he was Governor. The Obama administration pushed this bill after failing to build momentum for a more liberal version of a health care bill in order to gain Republican support. SOURCE:

2. Obamacare Makes it ok for Government Home Inspections:

This is also a hundred percent false. According to Politifact it is a rumor that was started by a blogger and caught fire among conservative circles who decided to use it as a talking point against the new law. In actuality “the program they pointed to provides grants for voluntary help to at-risk families from trained staff like nurses and social workers. What bloggers describe would be an egregious abuse of the law — not what’s allowed by it.” SOURCE

3. How Does The Law Help me

Despite the bad press there are several perks to the healthcare law. Listed below are a few of the high points of the Healthcare Law.

Those are just some a few things we could put together for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the Healthcare law check out. www.healthcare.gov

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