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Why Ben Carson, the GOP’s Great Black Hope, Is A Fraud

Ben CarsonThe Republican party is at a crossroads. As they battle to re-brand their identity, they are also trying to mend the growing disconnect between people of color and their party. So far their attempts are failing miserably. One of their moves has been to introduce what they call the “rising stars” or as I like to call them, “the great Black hope” of their party. These “rising stars” are supposed to show good will as they are political leaders who also happen to be Black. Unfortunately, that’s about all they have in common with African Americans. Instead these “rising stars” represent a new wave of Uncle Tom, and people  like  Ben Carson represent the Uncle Ruckus of Black politics.

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Uncle Ruckus is a fictional character from the famous comic/television show “The Boondocks.” He plays the role of an angry self-hating Black man. His character hates everything about Black people and finds any way possible to separate his self from the race and culture. His character is best known for making outrageously racist/stereotypical comments about Black people, and an undying love for white supremacy and all things white. If you have never watched an episode of the Boondocks, this quick video clip should explain it.

While it’s important to try and be supportive of African Americans involved in the political process, there must be a clear line drawn to keep out anyone who perpetuates ignorance and hatred. Ben Carson represents what Conservatives like to call the “diversity factor” or a token Black Republican who they hope will share the same experiences, values, hopes and dreams with average Black Americans. However he doesn’t, and Carson instead champions policy that would cause significant harm to the African American community.  He’s known for making ignorant statements such as the  claim that Obamacare is worse than Slavery  and spewing out the kind of homophobic language that would not have been accepted in the days of the “good old boys” comparing same sex marriage to bestiality and pedophilia.

He represents and agrees with the Republican parties illusion of people on public assistance being lazy and unmotivated. While explaining his political ideologies with the New York times, Carson described his self as a “flaming liberal” who soon found that the democratic party was not for him because as he say’s they did not believe in hard work and personal responsibility.

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He represents every ignorant ideology that has destroyed the credibility of the Republican party, and is now being pitched as the GOP’s “Great Black Hope” because he happens to look like us. Do not fall for the tricks, while Carson should be applauded for his accomplishments he is nothing more then a reflection of self hate, prejudice politics and the real life version of a character that many of us have laughed at. Mr Carson is the Uncle Ruckus of black politics let he and his brothers in arms (Allen West, Herman Cain) stay as far away from the political process as possible.

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